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April Herd It!


Mobile News- Multi-herd Login Released


BoviSync mobile app now features the ability to login into multiple herds at once. If you work with more than one location in BoviSync, it is possible to have each location on the phone. All farms that have granted permission to the user logged into the phone will be available to add.

Dairy managers and breeders working across multiple sites found logging in and out of the app to get to different herds inconvenient. Multi-herd login became a frequent request as we’ve grown. Being able to access numerous herds without leaving the mobile app saves significant time for many users of BoviSync. Technicians that work across multiple farms enter data from the mobile app effortlessly.

To add a farm to your mobile app, choose “switch herd” by scrolling to the bottom of the menu in the upper right corner of the app. The herd list will have the option to “add herds” at the bottom.


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