Dairy and Vendor Solutions

BoviSync has designed multiple products to solve the needs of dairies of all types. BoviSync Herd Management and BoviMobile cover the needs of the most complex dairies to those that only need basic features. Interfaces and additional reporting features may be added as desired.

Data management solutions provide consultants and companies powerful analytics and simple tools for pen scoring to service dairies whether the subscribe to BoviSync or not. 


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BoviSync Herd Management

BoviSync is the premier dairy herd management solution. BoviSync subscribers have unlimited users, settings updates, protocols, report and farm customization. This is the best solution for dairies that want to optimize processes on their dairies.

The BoviSync Mobile application is the leading tool for work management on dairies. The mobile app works seamlessly with the cloud and provides data entry and guidance by an employee.

The account owner is responsible for the subscription and payment information to BoviSync.


Powerful analytics streamline decision making by combining data and accessibility


Mobile App

An easy and intuitive tool for completing work and capturing data cowside



Unlimited support available through email, web, and phone


A simpler version of BoviSync for herds with essential needs. Subscribers enjoy a lower cost and simplified feature sets. Utilize the mobile app to do cow side data entry and lookup. This is ideal for farms wanting an easy way to manage inventory, reproduction, and communicate with other systems via cloud interfaces.

BoviMobile is a subscription option for account owners.



ADD-On Services

BoviSync provides interfaces for data exchange with most common parlor and activity system. 


Performance Reporting

See historic trends with different rollups, including feed data and other data sources. Combine data sources that are not specific to individual animals. Multiple data integrations available including feed import.

No Cost Interfaces

Simple cloud based interfaces

One-way report delivery


Tier II Interfaces

Most on premise parlor and activity systems 

Country registration exchanges


TieR III Interfaces

Sort gates and custom interfaces

VenDOR Solutions



Import herd information from other herd management software to run analytics for all dairies in BoviSync. Compare multiple farms within BoviSync. Pen scoring and diagnostic tests reporting are included as well. Basic Accounts are charged $.01 per head per month.


 Industry vendors or vet clinics utilize TechSync to record vendor events on farm. It requires a team or enterprise account in BoviSync. The team can add farms, do the data entry for the farm and send reports to farms. But the farm does not have access to the account, and the records are not owned by the farm, like all other BoviSync products. The data is owned by the vendor who is purchasing an internal data entry/analysis tool and doing the data entry themselves.


A consultant can create any farm with a name and then start doing Pen Scoring. This free app allows veterinarians to electronically record vaccinations, record new animals and diagnostic tests.

Vendor ACCount Types

Users interact with BoviSync through user accounts. Personal user accounts aren’t tied to a specific team or enterprise and are tied to individual users. 


Teams and enterprise accounts allow for management and support of user accounts belonging to the organization. 

Personal Farm User Account

Available with no charge, Anyone can make a user account and login into any of the BoviSync products. Anyone can take advantage of the multi-herd login to compare herds, even herds subscribing using different products (some report features are limited to the farm of the lowest subscription level). Users accounts may access up to 10 farms.


TEam Account

Manage a team of up to 10 users. Share reports among the team to have standardized reporting that your team’s admin sets up for the team. Enables emailing of report packs. These are groups of reports that can be scheduled to send a single PDF of your multiple reports. Team account users can unlock features for BoviMobile farms and administrate the protocol system for those farms.


Enterprise Account

An expanded version of the team accounts with unlimited users or farms.