BoviSync Pricing

BoviSync pricing is simple to understand with a per-animal fee for the subscription and upfront fees for concierge setup and interfaces.

Straightforward pricing per animal at all times with a simple monthly access fee – no matter what stage your farm is in right now or where it might be headed in the future. Plus, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges when it comes to using BoviSync on your farm! Our goal is always to provide value and transparency every step of the way. 

Subscription Pricing

US pricing is between $2.50 and $3.00 a cow per year when youngstock is included for most commercial dairies. Multi-site dairies typically see $6-12/cow/yr reduction in labor costs, less cow disturbance, and reduced lock-up times.  



EZ Feed 1 way
Feed supervisor
TMR tracker

Tier II

EZ Feed 2-way

Boumatic Parlor sorts
Delpro Parlor only
Afi Parlor only
Dairyplan only
SCR heat detection

And Many Others



DelPro Parlor with sort
Afi Parlor with sort
Dairyplan with sort
AIC parlor with/without sort
SCR Parlor with/without sort
DairyMaster with/without sort 
And Many Others



Most interfaces require setup by BoviSync. Any access fees required by other partners associated with the interfaces will be added to the subscription.

Up to 600 Milking

Save time and frustration with a mobile app to eliminate double entry with cow side entry. Interfaces available with parlor, activity systems, and DHIA. Track entry by the technician in real-time. Remote setup to match your needs.

Over 600 Milking

Reduce labor costs by $0.03-0.10/hd/day with intuitive mobile entry for all staff. With a cost of less than 1c/hd/d, you’ll see a 4-10x ROI within weeks of the switch to BoviSync. No limits on computers and devices. On-farm setup is available with concierge software setup for a seamless transition.


Take advantage of multi-site reporting features to lead your growing dairies. Reduce management overhead with single animal records and easier employee onboarding and process tracking. Capture more information with a partner in dairy data.

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Are you ready to make the switch?

Switching from your current system to BoviSync is a big decision. We understand that and want to help you every step of the way. Our process plan will ensure a smooth transition for your dairy, no matter how large or small it is. Plus, we’re always available if you need us along the way!

You can rest easy knowing that our team has years of experience in dairy management software and are here to support you through this change. We know what it takes to make this work for your business.

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