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The concept for our company was based simply on the idea that dairies needed better processes. After seeing other herd management solutions available, founder Dr. David Cook wanted to create software for growing dairies that needed a more robust and intuitive solution for data and employees. David began working with his neighbors’ dairies. He spent thousands of hours working alongside dairy workers observing how they got work done. After several versions of the software, BoviSync began adding customers in 2014. The company has since grown to 20 employees.

BoviSync is the only herd management solutions provider that uncovers and resolves often unrealized dairy farm management challenges and solves them by streamlining and simplifying daily processes and coordinating teams for more efficient and profitable operation.

BoviSync is an independent employee-owned company focused on providing solutions to livestock producers across the world, primarily through software.

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The BoviSync Team

Experience in Dairy


BoviSync is supported by a team of experts who understand successful dairy management. Team members have performed roles in management, nutrition, and veterinarian medicine on a variety of farms and dairies. The operations team embraces the opportunity to help dairies be successful through the tools we provide. We embrace integrity, problem-solving, and teamwork as our core values.

We seek team members who are interested in disrupting the status quo and improving the viability of our customers.


Managing Partner

Dr. David Cook is the founder of BoviSync.  Prior to founding BoviSync, he worked in farming, finance, and energy. He has received a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, a master’s degree in agricultural engineer, and a Ph.D. in dairy nutrition. His experience in dairy began working on neighboring dairies after school. David has a passion for improving the management of dairy farms and automation.  David is able to bridge the gap between technology, innovation, and the practical.


Carissa Backhaus

Customer Success Manager

Carissa travels extensively across the United States onboarding dairies to BoviSync Herd Management Software. She is driven to serve customers through problem solving and teaching. She is passionate about dairy farming and enjoys raising dairy cattle on the side.

Carissa has a Bachelor of Animal Science from University of Wisconsin- Platteville


Clay Reese

Technical Services

Clay is passionate about leveraging information for the success of our customers. He works with dairy managers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and other consultants. By leveraging BoviSync herd management software Clay offers unique analytical solutions for dairies and the companies that serve them. In particular, he is interested in new ways to streamline dairy decisions with BoviSync. He has managed dairies in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Clay is a graduate of Cornell University.




Khaled guides dairies through the setup process. His on-farm experience managing cows on dairies in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt allows him to make the transition as seamless as possible for customers. With his experience, he makes the process of switching to BoviSync painless. Khaled enjoys discovering ways that software can improve processes in dairies.

Khaled has a Master’s Degree in Animal Science from North Dakota State University.


Pedro IBarra


Pedro specializes in training dairies. His on-farm experience managing large dairies provides the experience to lead dairies through change. As an implementation consultant, he is the person who implements BoviSync at the dairy. In addition to software training, Pedro provides ongoing training to dairies of all types. He splits his time between working on-farm and doing support. 



Samantha MenDoza

Account Manager

Samantha represents BoviSync as an Account Manager for the western United States. Introducing dairies and key stakeholders to BoviSync is her primary objective but strives to make sure that every account is experiencing the benefits of BoviSync.

Samantha has a background in dairy nutrition. She holds a Master’s Degree in Animal Sciences from UC Davis




Scott divides his responsibilities at BoviSync between Report/Data training and Account Management. As a data consultant at BoviSync, Scott has trained hundreds of farmworkers, managers, owners, and consultants on how to get the most out of BoviSync reporting. As an Account Manager, Scott enjoys identifying data management opportunities for all types of dairies. He has worked with dairies across the Midwest United States in previous roles in milk marketing and reproduction.

Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.