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The concept for our company was based simply on the idea that dairies needed better processes. After seeing other herd management solutions available, founder Dr. David Cook wanted to create software for growing dairies that needed a more robust and intuitive solution for data and employees. David began working with his neighbors’ dairies. He spent thousands of hours working alongside dairy workers observing how they got work done. After several versions of the software, BoviSync began adding customers in 2014. The company has since grown to 20 employees.

BoviSync is the only herd management solutions provider that uncovers and resolves often unrealized dairy farm management challenges and solves them by streamlining and simplifying daily processes and coordinating teams for more efficient and profitable operation.

BoviSync is an independent employee-owned company focused on providing solutions to livestock producers across the world, primarily through software.

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Experience in Dairy


BoviSync is supported by a team of experts who understand successful dairy management. Team members have performed roles in management, nutrition, and veterinarian medicine on a variety of farms and dairies. The operations team embraces the opportunity to help dairies be successful through the tools we provide. We embrace integrity, problem-solving, and teamwork as our core values.

We seek team members who are interested in disrupting the status quo and improving the viability of our customers.


Managing Partner

Dr. David Cook is the founder of BoviSync.  Prior to founding BoviSync, he worked in farming, finance, and energy. He has received a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, a master’s degree in agricultural engineer, and a Ph.D. in dairy nutrition. His experience in dairy began working on neighboring dairies after school. David has a passion for improving the management of dairy farms and automation.  David is able to bridge the gap between technology, innovation, and the practical.


Nick Jenkins DVM

Professional Services

Dr. Nick combines his passion for veterinary medicine and data in his role as Director of Professional Services. Nick is works with veterinarians, nutritionists, and other consultants to provide better tools to serve their customers using all types of herd management software. BoviSync provides tools specifically for dairy consultants to provide more value to their customers. Also, Nick has experience with custom analytics.  His solutions can consolidate sources together for better insights.  Professional Services  at BoviSync can provide custom data solutions as well as additional consulting and custom engineering solutions.