• BoviSync simplifies data management on dairies
  • Intuitive mobile app available on Android
  • Powerful analytics with better insights
  • Scales with your business

Dairies rely on BoviSync

BoviSync is the best solution for data management on dairies around the world. Dairies rely on BoviSync herd management software. Hear from the dairies themselves, how BoviSync provides guidance and the information to make the best decisions. See intuitive tools improve worker onboarding and engagement. Decision-makers and consultants benefit from intuitive analytical tools that are accessible from anywhere. Dairies explain the difference in being able to access information and data from anywhere using BoviSync.

  1. Take ownership of data management 
  2. Embrace processes using powerful software
  3. Provide an intuitive app for higher employee engagement
  4. Address compliance by providing clearer guidance, data clarity, and simpler access

Kutz Dairy

BoviSync ensures animals are taken care of the same way, every day. Simple onboarding enables even new users the attention to detail required for their success.


GT Land and Cattle

BoviSync allows heifer growers to implement a management plan for all their customers using the app in the pens. Customers benefit from real-time access to animal information through owner access using easily modified reports.



MilkSource LLC

Switching to BoviSync increases worker engagement and increases insights. Every cow-related task can be recorded with a timestamp and the user allows dairies to increase compliance and find opportunities to improve.




Rosy-Lane Dairy

BoviSync puts information in front of decision-makers where they need it. Whether it’s showing the right information for each user or technician or providing access, BoviSync makes data management easier.



Chema ORtiz

“Anytime they have chores that they got to complete, it is easier for us to look if they got completed with a timestamp and the person that completed it.”

Jordan Matthews

“Each segment of the dairy we’ve been able to customize. So our calf phone, they have their calf stuff and only the calf stuff.”

John Vosters

“Our biggest reason for switching was getting information in front of herds people that were working with the cattle each and every day”