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March 2022


Implement a breeding plan to reduce confusion


Having a breeder check a couple of items when choosing the semen probably isn’t a big deal. But with genomics, sexed semen, and crossbreeding we’ve seen a lot of breeding programs become more complex. Everyone is fine-tuning their programs to maximize the value of calves on their dairies.


BoviSync simplifies the most complex breeding programs where it matters most. Technician compliance is highest with fewer decisions. The mobile application will tell a technician the next step in any reproductive program for individual cows. Using criteria based on your program, protocols BoviSync can set mating criteria to match.


Matings are recorded as events in BoviSync. They can be manually entered, imported, or changed by protocol. An advantage of recording them as an event, it is easy to confirm compliance and validate the setup of the breeding plan. Sire matings are a great tool to use for implementing the breeding plan.


Anytime we simplify communication, we increase compliance and performance. Changing protocols can be overwhelming for busy workers, especially newer people. Consolidating the information reduces decisions and mistakes.


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