BoviSync helps dairy provide the best care for cows

Best care for their cows

Kutz Dairy was recently featured on the Dairy Herd Management website. Allan Kutz describes how technology allows Kutz Dairy to provide the best care for their cows and makes life better for everyone that provides that care. One of the key pieces of technology relies on is BoviSync. All the employees that work on the herd team use BoviSync as a primary tool for guidance and data entry. BoviSync provides employees with guidance while seamlessly capturing data. This allows Allan to verify that chores are being completed according to protocols. 


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BoviSync Benefits

“We could have it on as many devices as we wanted, scan ear tags, and enter data from every device. It was a big benefit for us,” Allan says. “One of the biggest things we like about it is it’s driven by protocols.”

BoviSync is the optimal tool for managing herd work for dairy employees. Work is simplified by chore lists that are ready to go for each day of the week. Using a mobile device increases the efficiency of workers and eases decision-making cow side. Protocols allow dairies to operate with consistency and are customizable to every dairy’s unique needs.

Employee training

BoviSync also assists with new employees. Because of the uniformity provided by herd management software, Allan can train employees faster. Having the ability to measure what employees do can speed up the feedback process and increase compliance. 

BoviSync increases worker engagement with better tools to get work done. Employees are more productive when they have the right information for their work. Chore lists are customized for the jobs to be done to streamline work. This leads to a greater focus on the work, the employees, and ultimately the cows.