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March 2023


Track herd information by pen with Pen Scoring


BoviSync has announced the launch of a new feature that enables consultants to record and share their pen observations using the BoviSync Mobile Application. This feature allows consultants to access multiple herds and enter pen-level data on various parameters such as body condition, lameness, teat scoring, and more. The data is instantly available to the farm and anyone with the farm’s permission, allowing for timely and informed decisions. BoviSync’s pen scoring feature is a powerful tool that helps consultants add value to their clients by delivering professional and seamless reports that integrate with the farm’s existing data management system.

Intuitive forms in the mobile app allow for quick entry of pen-level recording of body condition scores, lameness, teats, hygiene, and other observations. Reporting is available on the farm and accessible to anyone with the farm’s permission.

Pen scoring is available in the BoviSync mobile app.



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