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February 2022


Looking Forward to Seeing you: Upcoming Events

We’ll be attending the High Plains Dairy Conference in Amarillo, Texas on March 1st and 2nd. For more information: High Plains Dairy Conference

We also have booth at the PDPW Business Conference on March 16th and 17th in the Wisconsin Dells. Business Conference | PDPW


Breeding Intensity – the risk of pregnancy


How do you measure your reproductive program? Creating pregnancies and improving the value of offspring (beef or genetic value) is a requirement for most dairies. Measuring the intensity of breeding and the resulting pregnancies is often done with the Breeding Intensity report.

In BoviSync the Breeding Intensity is calculated on a daily basis by the animal. The table intervals are the summation of all days within that date range. Animals that are recorded pregnant will have a minimum of 21 days eligible for breeding. All days in the corresponding 21 day interval of breeding and/or pregnancy for that animal will be measured accordingly versus animals that were eligible for breeding on those days within a date range. VWP is calculated individually from the voluntary waiting expiration date in the lactation or the first service (breeding or implant). Read more about how Breeding Intensity works in our Kb: Breeding Intensity (bovisync.com)