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October 2021 

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Fresh Success – streamline data entry at calving

Calving and Fresh Cow Reports

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Fresh Success – streamline data entry at calving

Dairies save time by removing double entry by entering the result cow side with fewer mistakes. Several months ago, we released Fresh Entry on the mobile app. We are excited about the results on the farm.

Embrace digital fresh cow entry on your dairy when calvings happen with a basic phone and BoviSync. No data connection or wifi is necessary. If the phone is not on the internet through wifi or a data plan, take it to the office or fire up a hotspot. Information synchronizes to the server when the phone connects.

 Cows become fresh. Calves get created. Simplify the entry screen to the level of detail necessary for your dairy. Even better, let us help you develop chores for newborn calves on the phone at record creation. Anything that needs to happen to the calf is easy to capture in a chorelist. Weights, vaccines, supplements, and colostrum are all chores that exist in workflows for newborns. Doing different things for different calves isn’t a problem either with the flexibility of the entry screen. Create custom chores for different types of calves and calvings.

 Setup the phone to streamline work and information captured immediately. Anyone can enter information when the tools are part of the work. 


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