4 Reasons Dairies Embrace BoviSync To Reduce Labor

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Scanning cows

increase the productivity of employees to reduce Labor 

Streamlining your data management occurs when unnecessary steps are removed, with better tools in pen and analytics to drive processes. With the technology available today, your herd management software should be easy to use for everyone on the dairy. This simple data input and analysis should drive processes. With BoviSync, mobile devices collect information. Data is in the cloud for simple access and analysis across multiple sites. Dairies with BoviSync are data-driven.  

BoviSync is a whole solution to data management on dairies. The Android app allows for customized work management and efficient data capture when using BoviSync for herd work. Consider how the mobile app can change how work is completed on your dairy. Changing how work is done with BoviSync will reduce labor. Four reasons stand out for me when embracing BoviSync in your employees. Together these reasons will increase productivity in your herd and efficiency in your team.  

  1. Make better decisions with more information at your fingertips. Instead of being limited to a row or sorting through multiple sheets, scan or search for everything. Regardless of the internet availability, information is available. It’s even possible to customize the items to show on chorelists.  
  2. Training is straightforward when the list matches the workflow. For example, if assigning someone vaccines to complete, the chorelist will only have those vaccines they need to complete. It’s a list of cows with chores to complete. You can quickly analyze the results and validate the work completed. You can easily explain using the software for anyone that hasn’t used BoviSync before.  
  3. Reporting offers a complete picture of the work completed. Only BoviSync records and allows reporting on as much information. When a chore is recorded, there is a report available. Timestamps and technicians increase the power of meaningful event reporting. Confidence comes from understanding how data ties back to work.   
  4. Data entry in BoviSync removes barriers to recording information consistently. Customize buttons to match the language on your farm. Everyone will use the same entry screens leading to faster and simpler data entry. Entering once on the mobile could also be the most considerable time saver eliminating manual entry later.  

Enjoy the most benefit from a mobile app customized to your work and your employees. For the most effortless transition, dairies often choose to have BoviSync perform a concierge setup on dairies. If you are technically inclined or want to learn, we are happy to assist you as well. Your dairy setup is your call.