BoviSync Interfaces and API

We provide and build tools for allied industry members to serve our mutual customers.  BoviSync also offers the ability to do data warehousing of other HMS as a service and is adding capabilities to data warehouse other dairy related data, such as feed.  This enables you to build a single interface for all your dairy data needs and be able to utilize BoviSync customers and BoviSync as your ETL and data storage partner.

One unique capability of BoviSync that is often overlooked is the delivery mechanism of individual animal decisions.  If you build tools that enable better decision and/or insights on individual animals, those solutions are only as good as your ability to push those decisions to the right person at the right time.  With the BoviSync mobile app and Bovi-Insights, we offer that delivery mechanism that make the information actionable.

BoviSync offers customers three tiers of interfaces, with different charges that are related to the cost of supporting them the resources provided to create the link. The following table describes the three tiers, their associated costs, and a description of how the interfaces are classified.

Tier 1
  • Cost: Free
  • Examples:  DHIA, CowManager, Genomic results, matings 
  • Description: All resources provided to build interface; no support;
Tier 2
  • Cost: $500 per location (billed as a one-time setup fee)
  • Examples:  SmartDairy, SCR  
  • Description:  Some resources provided to build interface or easy to setup and support; reused previous inferface data transfer patterns 
Tier 3
  • Cost: $1100 per location (billed as a one-time setup fee)
  • Examples:  AfiMilk, Most parlors with Sortgates
  • Description:  Significant support; no or minimal resources to create link; a custom, non-builtin interface 


Building interfaces with BoviSync can range from simple to complex.  The differences are primarily from how you are able to use existing BoviSync infrastructure and the need to build more or new infrastructure to accommodate your needs.  The following table can help categorize the different options for data transfer with some comments on each.  Some can require engineering work which is labeled SOW (Statement of Work).

*Prices in USD as of 10/1/2021



BoviSync API

To learn about the BoviSync API, check out our swagger here

With the API key you are able to access herd data for all herds that grant you access to their records.  The data is available in a raw format allowing you complete freedom to build and improve your tools.  Additionally, that same API is what serves data to Bovi-Insights reporting, allowing you to interact with the data through a UI with real farm data as you build your solutions.

If you are interested in obtaining an API key and/or a team/enterprise account, please let us know and we will be happy to get you an API key. 

Some of the interfaces available with BoviSync are listed here.  If you are interested in getting added as an officially supported import, please provide us let us know your interest and provide the documentation for your preferred interface method (if there is one).


Send data to BV   Re-use a prebuilt format  Create a new format
    Flat files on-premise   Easy, cost for branding, higher support typical (tier 2)  SOW
    Flat files off-premise   SOW, lower support than on-prem  SOW
    API call made by BV   SOW  SOW
    API push into BV   SOW  N/A
 Get data from BV    
     Flat files on-premise Easy, cost for branding (tier 1) Through UI, no cost.  Custom solution – SOW
     Files off-premise SOW SOW
     API call from BV Preferred (tier 1) N/A

Please reach out if you need any additional information or documentation.