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Empower your beef production with BoviSync®, a herd management solution that puts you in control. Experience unparalleled transparency on your terms: control your data and make informed decisions that drive your success. With BoviSync, you’re not just managing your herd, you’re shaping the future of your enterprise.

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Efficient Work Management

Seamlessly capture data as tasks complete. Use metrics to enhance training and improve processes. 

Beef producers utilize BoviSync to track and manage individual animals through the whole supply chain, conception to rail. Producers and their consultants access reporting anywhere in real-time via the web. Simply and quickly record movements, treatments, vaccinations, weights, and more animal-side or chute-side. Provide your buyers with full supply-chain transparency.


Enhance Labor

Enhance your labor efficiency by reducing time spent on routine tasks. By automating and optimizing processes, beef producers focus their labor resources on areas that directly contribute to the productivity and profitability of their operations. Labor efficiency gains provide a competitive edge in the beef industry.

Take Control

Provide your buyers full supply chain data transparency. Create value by providing your buyers with forecasting and conception to rail tracking on all animals. This is a game-changer in a competitive beef industry, driving decisions that directly impact the health and financial performance of the herd.


Beef enterprises have partnered with BoviSync to accomplish their business vision. Consumers scan QR codes for days on pasture in the restaurant. Others have built real-time cost and weights by lot to raise the bar on profitability. BoviSync is foundational in their success.


Employee tracking

Accountability features that track who did what, facilitating effective task management and employee supervision.

Vaccination Records

Ensure that all animals are up to date on their vaccinations, improving herd health and productivity.

Treatment Records

Record all treatments given to your cattle. Monitor the effectiveness of treatments, manage withdrawal times, and ensure health protocols are followed.

Record Transfers

Transfer records between different parts of your operation or to outside entities. Ensure continuity of care and meet traceability requirements.

RFID Scanning

Speed up work by utilizing scanning features to complete chores and enter events. Panel readers and hanhelds supported.

Weight Management

Track and manage the weights of your cattle. Monitor growth rates to make informed feeding and marketing decisions.

Movement Tracking

Record and track the movement of your cattle, whether they’re moving between pastures or farms. Meet traceability and regulatory requirements for every movement.

BoviSync makes margin management by individual animals possible with the mobile app combined with multi-site reporting.

Nic Houtsma | SD Feeders | Syracuse, KS


Clear Insights, Profitable Decisions

BoviSync’s reporting capabilities offer a unique competitive edge to beef producers. Its intuitive and customizable reporting system allows producers to focus on the metrics that matter most to their operations.

Multi-herd Reporting

Analyze and compare data across multiple locations using intuitive reporting.

Insight driven decisions

Identify trends and make data-driven decisions that enhance productivity and profitability. Make better decisions to improve the health and growth rates of your herd.

Cloud Reporting

Access reports anywhere in real-time using the web. You control the access, and can share login to consultants and buyers.


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