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May 10th Webinar

May 10th Webinar

  • Clay
  • May 04, 2021

Dozens of factors affect reproductive performance. Building reports was painful. Different protocols, bulls, semen type, studs, techs, lactations are some examples. Many reports are often required to find the items that need compared. Finding the right combination of data was a barrier for inexperienced users. 

Bovi-Insights changes the game. We're excited about how breeding events summarize in Bovi-Insights. It's fast and easy to drill into the data with grouping and aggregation.  

Dr. Nick Jenkins will be discussing reproduction reporting in BoviSync on May 10th at 1 pm Central . Special focus will be placed on pre-built Bovi-Insights reports and drilling into the data. Signing up will allow access to the recording if you can't make it.