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Management Matters
Manage a Productive Herd with BoviSync

BoviSync allows you to manage your dairy with ease from a mobile app with advanced reporting on a computer


BoviSync redefines Herd Management with amazing features.

Easy to use

Intuitive design, easy to learn, easier to use

Save Time

Faster workflow in the barn and fast cowside entry

Big Data

We bring it all together, you own and report on your herd records

Synced, Secure

Always backed up and password protected, never lose your records again


When you have a problem, we'll be there.

Any device access

The software is in the cloud, therefore use it from any device.

How itWorks

It's easy to use, give it a try today!

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Mobile App

  • Want to reduce labor costs on your farm? Give your employees real-time access to all records cowside, and do all entry cowside.
  • Innovation by BoviSync has enabled farms to reduce herd management labor by 10-20% by improving workflow and their exclusive mobile app. By employing a very intuitive design and coupling it with large customizable buttons, your herd staff can save enormous amounts of time with cowside records and lightning-fast entry. This reduces errors and the additional benefit of cutting down training time for new staff. Using inexpensive semi-disposable devices for everyone in the barn gives all emloyees the information they need in real-time. Eliminate all the text messages asking about cow records. Allow anyone to add a cow to a lame list, sick list, etc with a single touch. Pair the phone with an EID reader and save huge amounts of time finding cows.
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Powerful Reporting

  • The most powerful dairy report engine available at your fingertips.
  • Use the pre-built reports to get you started and then drill down into your records like never before possible. BoviSync offers the most sophisticated methods to drill down into your records. In yet another innovation only available through BoviSync, give yourself the capability to compare records across farms.
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Multi-Site Support

  • Uniquely designed to save time and add new reporting capabilities for managing multiple site dairies.
  • Multiple farms can be opened, and reporting can be done using the farm as an item. This allows animal oriented managerial, financial, and inventory reporting across all farms into a single report. Anything you do now for reporting comparing lact, stage of lact, breed, etc – you can also do with the addition of the ability compare by farm in a single report. So, you can compare farm's lactation curves, reproduction, DHIA, parlor, anything you want, all in a single chart or table. In another BoviSync innovation, animals have a single record shared by the owner and farm possessing the animal. This prevents duplication and the exponential growth of errors as animal number increase. See transactional detail for every animal.
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  • Experience clearly laid out and documented protocols, that can both automate decisions and make your dairy run more efficiently.
  • The protocols are very clearly laid out and provide an enormously wide range of possibilities that permit for advanced logic or simple design. For example, it is easy to have 12 treatment protocols or 8 reproductive protocols setup for all different animals and reasons, and it just works simply and easily. The transparent nature of the BoviSync system and transactional entry allow you to take control of your software and farm.
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Continuous Innovation

  • Ever felt like your current software is out-dated? Being the best doesn't satisfy us! Our team releases new features on a weekly basis.
  • Ever had an idea for how to make your software better? Let us know, we are continually adding new features and capabilities, and customer suggestions are one of the greatest sources of innovation.
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Fast, Accurate, Customizable

  • Benefit from the fastest entry and the accuracy of cowside entry with our app. Find cows faster with EID scanning.
  • Increase employee speed and efficiency with the ability to customize all the buttons and functionality to match your dairy's needs. Easily put the button they need, directly in front of them when they need it.
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Managed Transition and Implementation

  • On-site implementation and in-pen training to make an easy transition
  • We offer on-site training and implementation services, where we work with you to make an easy and most importantly seemless transition to BoviSync. Our team works in the pen training your employees how to use the app, and we make customization adapted to their workflow to make them faster and more efficient.

Hear what others have to say:

"Access anything and everything at any time!"

Learn more about how BoviSync improved management and record keeping at Cole Dairy.
                      -Kolby Secrist - Cole Dairy, WA

Hear what others have to say:

De Vries Dairy, Idaho - Hank De Vries

Hear what others have to say:

See how Tony from Schmitz Dairy cut his vet check time in half by using the BoviSync mobile app!

BoviSync Easy, Powerful Management

Simple Pricing per animal

  • Mobile App
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Interfaces
  • Protocol Management
  • Support and Learning Center
  • Cheap devices,
    sub-$1500 EID wands

Up to 600 Milking

Take advantage of:

  • Save Time
  • Mobile App - All entry cowside
  • Custom reporting
  • Interface with parlor, collars, DHIA
  • Track entry by technician
  • Real-time Data

Over 600 Milking

Take advantage of:

  • Reduce Labor
  • Mobile entry for all staff
  • Increase employee accountability
  • Unlimited computers and devices
  • On-farm setup available
  • Concierge Software Setup

Multi-Site Herd

Take advantage of:

  • Reduce Labor
  • Cross-farm reporting
  • Single record per animal
  • Reduce new employee training
  • Reporting by employee
  • Track all Tx and Vx injections

A Good Way to
Improve Your Farm

Improve your Dairy Farm with BoviSync

A healthier herd is only possible with the right data in your hands. BoviSync makes it easy to track your herd and our reporting system gives you the analytics needed to improve husbandry practices to maximize productivity.