App Store - COMING SOON!

Want even more?

BoviSync will be soon releasing an app store.  Within the app store you will be able to add extra software programs and interfaces onto your BoviSync to supercharge your herd management.

Dairy App Developers. If you are a dairy software developer and would like to create apps for reporting, decision making, entry, etc  please contact us to get necessary documentation, access to API, and support to setup your BoviSync apps.

Decision Making tools. BoviSync is actively seeking out and working with companies and programmers to create, develop, enhance, and/or supplement decision making tools and reporting.  We already have some companies taking advantage or this offering extra and branded reporting. 

Dairy Reporting Tools.  Already a BoviSync customer?  Contact us if you don't already use some of the tools that have already been developed to get more horsepower out of your reporting.

Strategic Partners

Let's Work Together

One unique aspect of BoviSync is its strategic partners.  We work with others to leverage our platform to advance both ourselves and our mutual customers.  Here are some of the ways you can benefit:

Improve Productivity. Make automated reporting tools for your employees.  Save them time on the computer and spend more time on more farms.

Custom Branded Software and Apps. We can provide you with custom and branded software and mobile app that works as add-ons to, as well as integrated systems to your customers, or to others if you desire.  There are also opportunities to share in the income stream for income generating add-ons.

Hardware Solutions. Have hardware but need software?  We can provide a software solution for your hardware, made available to your customers at no cost.

Software Solutions. BoviSync was developed as a platform system where additional software can be bolted on or integrated.  Because we are not starting from square one, but building on the most powerful herd management software on the market, we are able to have fast turnaround time and at a cost usually less than half anyone else can offer.  Additionally the time to prototype can make your head spin, allowing you to decide with minimal investment whether to proceed or go a different direction.

Branding. We also have opportunities to offer your customers branded reports, protocols, and extra features exclusive to your customers.  You can also have branding and recognition on billing when you pay part or all of your customers already low monthly animal fees.