Put all your records in one place.

DHI Records

Import all DHI records with only your herd code and access code.  Access all your DHI records on any phone, tablet, or computer.
Easy to setup.  Create an account. Wait a day, and presto, all your DHI records online and updated at every test.

Parlor Records

Import your parlor records, track animals with low production, get notified of animals in the wrong pen.

Enter milk check to cacluate value of milk production.

Herd Records

Import herd records from other herd management programs, genomic records, bulk tank weight and composition, activity, rumination, or any other herd records.  Put all your records in one place.  If we don't have support it today, ask and we'll make it for you.

Automated Reporting and Alerts

Automated Reporting. Have reports automatically download as PDF or Excel nightly.

Easy to setup. Register the computers on your farm, and then you can easily setup import or report download to those computers.  So easy you can do it from your phone.

Alerts.  Get alerts to changes in production, animals in the wrong pen, milk holds, etc.  An example is our statistical process control of your bulk tank, enter your bulk tank information or have it imported, then get email alerts and reports for changes in milk or components.