Powerful, Easy, Connected

Herd Management

Save time.

Whether you currently use a computer or paper for your farm's record keeping, you can save time with BoviSync.  

Use the auto-enroll for protocols, import from your parlor, have move events completed automatically, select animals from a report and enter events for the entire group, and use the batch data entry.  These are a few of the ways we save you time.

Powerful Reporting

BoviSync has the world's most powerful reporting tools.  Use these tools to find areas needing improvement on your farm and track progress toward your goals.  This is one way BoviSync helps you improve your bottom line.

Access reports from any phone, tablet, or computer.  Give your veterinarian, nutritionist, and other consultants real-time access to records, so they can give you real-time advice.


Manage your Protocols.

Improve the management of protocols and SOPs.  Easily use built-in or custom protocols to manage repro, vaccinations, calf care, and other SOPs on your farm.  Use the auto-enroll to automatically start animals on a protocol.

Create daily/weekly/monthly chore lists for the farm or by employee.  They can automatically update on your desktop nightly.

Customized to your Farm

Customize BoviSync to meet the needs of your operation. Have a large, multi-site operation with many employees and detailed management and record keeping requirements?  We have you covered.  Or, maybe just a few animals with a handful of events to track?  Not a problem. Our user friendly interface makes it quick and easy to learn.

Centralized Data

Put all your data sources in one place: DHI, parlor, activity and rumination monitors, feed, genomic, and more. Make your data work for you, instead of fighting with a myriad of programs.

Access Anytime Anywhere

Access your farm from your phone, tablet, or computer anytime.  No more transfering files, it is all automatic.  Enter an event from your phone in the barn and your vet can instantly see it from his computer in his office.  Never need to backup or transfer your data again, we take care of that for you.