Herd Management Solutions

Improving your farm management makes you more money.  Here is how BoviSync makes you more money:

Save Time. Time is money.  We save you both.  There is no other faster method or software to enter and track your records.  BoviSync puts all your records in one place, saving you time in creating animal lists, rather than piecing together records from multiple programs.

Flexible, Customized to your Farm. We can assist you in setting up your farm’s facilities, protocols, SOPs, events, reports, and goals to be customized to your unique operation.  Or it’s easy enough to do yourself.

Easy and Powerful.  The most difficult thing in cattle software is the balance of ease of use and its capability.  We started with the world’s most powerful software (no small feat) and then made is easy to use.  So whether you have 30 steers or are milking 40,000+ across multiple farms, the program is intuitive enough to learn quickly and powerful enough to do complex, customizable reports across many farms simultaneously.

Accessible and Safe.  Access records and reports anywhere, anytime, on any device.  Have cow side access to her lifetime of health, production, reproduction, and genomic records.  Different levels of access to your herd can be given to anyone you choose (vet, nutritionist, etc).  At no cost those people can access your real-time records on any computer, phone, or tablet.  Along with you, they can also receive email alerts to things like drops in production.  You can revoke permissions anytime.  

Supported.  Our entire support staff has experience operating farms and have a minimum of a BS in an agriculture related field.  You can be assured that all your questions or issues you have on your operation or with the program will be answered by an expert in that area.

Data Security. We are constantly backing up all your data in multiple places, so you don't have to.  If a computer dies, or you drop your phone, no worries.  Just pick up another device and all your data, everything is there.  Only people you grant access to can view your data.  Allow your consultants easy access to your data in real-time from any device.  And no more backup files of your records floating around for anyone to get access to.