Powerful, Actionable

Meaningful.  Actionable.  Having the world’s most powerful software doesn’t mean anything unless the data coming out means something.  Built-in reports are a great starting point to finding problems and tracking progress toward their resolution.  Graphically and easily find trends you didn't even know existed.  Our graphical interface allows you to make complex reports on your own.  And our data consultants work with you to create these reports if you have any trouble or want expert assistance.


Powerful.  We have the world’s most powerful report engine for animal agriculture.  Go back through all the years of your records or focus on recent trends.  Add any genomic traits to reports.  A report run ten months ago is like it was ten months ago, all the animals pen locations, lactation numbers, dim, repro status, and protocols enrolled in are all what they were ten months ago.  This allows you to run reports for evaluating production and health that no other software allows.


Custom. Built-in reports are a great starting point to build custom reports from.  Once you have reports setup the way you want, save them to your personal menu or add it to farm reports for everyone.  Share reports with others, or have your vet share reports with you, so the whole team is on the same page and working toward the same goals.


Automated Animal Lists.  Automate your daily animal reports. Have them downloaded and updated nightly to your desktop or Dropbox.