Improve Efficiency and Efficacy

Fast.  Fastest method of data recording by imports, batch entry, record events for multiple animals at one time, and fast single event entry.  Have reports pre-downloaded and refreshed daily.  Custom building complex reports and saving into your personal menu or for the entire farm.

Assign chores.  Protocols for all your farms repro and SOPs create chores that can be automatically assigned to employees on the farm.  Also watch events and any other chore can be made and assigned to an employee.  Daily chores lists can be printed and checked real-time on a phone by the employee.


Accountability.  Check if any chores are outstanding for employees.  Repro protocols are scored based on the timeliness of shots to track compliance.  All events have a record who completed and entered the event, to find non-compliance or employee based data entry problems.  Find employees who need further training in areas like heat detection or detection of disease states.


Data Auditing.  View the changelog to find who is making recording and making changes to your records.  Undo feature allows you to undo errors.