Herd Health Solutions

Watch Lists. Add animals to watch lists manually or automatically. Add animals to watch lists and write an unlimited amount of comments to record observations.  The herdsman then has a list of animals needing special attention and a record of all observations.


Protocols.  Create your farm’s protocols for reproduction, vaccinations, treatments, calf feeding, management, and anything else you can think of.  Set parameters for auto-enrollment or manually start the protocol.  The protocol then schedules all the chores and, if desired, assigns them to the desired employees.  Monitor protocol compliance and test multiple protocols simultaneously with ease.


Drugs.  Control your drug inventory. Great selection - currently we have over 1000 drugs and treatments and are adding to it all the time.  Record treatments with confidence.


Link Treatments to Issues.  All treatments can (but are not required to) have dose, route, and method recorded. You can also link it to a particular problem, such as a mastitis or ketosis diagnosis.  Run reports on drug use by health issue.  Discover hidden costs on your farm.


Compliance.  Create reports for all or certain drug use for past years that include, date, animal ID, drug, health issue being treated, dose, route, method, and any notes recorded for the treatment.  Track employee compliance.