Better Breeding Records

Protocol Management. BoviSync's protocol management makes it easy to create and see how the protocols are laid out. Creating records for all shot chores and tracking their completion as well as compliance allows the producer to improve his reproduction protocol management. Protocol Auto-Enrollment can automate your breeding protocols in the computer, and allow for multiple protocols used for different groups of animals.


Sires. Over 70,000 bulls with NAAB records with current proofs, including AAA and DMS.


Bulls. BoviSync supports bull breeding, tracking immature and mature bulls.  Record events for bulls, collect semen and put in the tank, or transfer to a neighbor.


Inventory and Semen Tanks. Have an unlimited number of semen tanks on a farm, and indicate where they are on the farm.  Track the inventory in each tank (sire, # of units, cost, etc).  Breedings automatically reduce the inventory for you.  Breeder can see real-time the inventory before he leaves for the day to ensure you have the desired sires available.


Assign Sires. Import the assignment of sires as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice.


Pedigrees. Track the pedigree to multiple generations using BoviSync.


Embryo Transfer.  We support embryo flushing and transfer.  You can also put animals on breed hold to hold them off repro stats and breeding lists when doing flushing.