Animal Pages

Summary and Detailed Animal Records

Animal pages provide detailed information for single and groups of animals provide a quick summary of tthe animal's current status, as well as all the detailed lifetime records.

Summary Page. Quickly see the animal's current repro status, location, events and chores, last test day record.

Economics.  See the animal's milk value, for both current and past production.

Production.  Summary report of the last test day and parlor results, as well as all parlor production by milking, day, week, or month.

Test Day.  All the DHI records for the animal's lifetime.

Lactations.  Summary of all complete lactations

Pedigree.  See the pedigree and parentage traits

Classification.  Get most recent classification in detail and summary of previous classifications.

Events and Chores.  Complete list of all events and chores the for the animal's lifetime

Lactation and Weight Charts.  Plot the most recent lactation's production or plot the animal's weight as it grows.